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Secure your world with smart lock access control

Access is personal

Enhanced security

Smart locks use advanced encryption techniques and biometric verification to ensure only authorized users can access the premises.

Don’t worry about forgetting the keys

Use your smartphone, voice command, or a key fob to unlock your doors, providing a seamless and hassle-free entry process. How convenient! .

Remote monitoring and access

Smart lock solutions offer remote access, which means you can control and monitor your locks from anywhere using a mobile app. .

Smart Lock Solutions We Offer

Personalized Access Control

Our state-of-the-art products offer keyless entry and unique access codes for multiple users, along with advanced encryption technology to protect against unauthorized access..

Versatile Range of Products

Our smart-lock solutions can be installed on any standard door or cabinet and includes features such as auto-lock and remote access for added convenience..

Sleek Design

Our stylish and sophisticated smart lock solutions combine functionality with elegance. The intuitive design is perfect for adding a modern touch to the home.

Why Micro Electronics International?

Affordable and Accessible Solar Solutions

By prioritizing affordability and accessibility, Micro Electronics International aims to help customers enhance the security and convenience of their premises with ease. That’s why we offer the best prices possible.

Quality Guarantee on All Services

Micro Electronic International focuses on designing user-friendly smart lock solutions that are easy to install and require minimal maintenance. We take full responsibility for the quality production and installation of our smart lock solutions. .

We Prioritize You - Customer Satisfaction

We are dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction by providing responsive and effective support. Through our commitment to customer service, Micro Electronics International strives to create a positive experience for our customers.

Good Workers.

Quality Guarantee







Our core values

From design and delivery to the execution and installation, we provide responsible solutions.At Micro Electronics International, we strive to become accessible for everyone.Professional integrity is our top priority and motivates us to deliver only the best




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