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Custom-made high-security solutions

Why Electric Fences?

Round the clock automatic response

Barbed wires get cut, gates get climbed, dogs get poisoned and guards get tired but electric fence security systems provide reliable detection and alarm.

Deter intruders, defend your property

Nothing matters more than your safety and security, whether it’s your home, farmhouse or business. Protection is a priority.

High-security calls for immediate action

An electric fence system can buy valuable reaction time, which sometimes makes all the difference in crisis situations.

Electric Fence Solutions We Offer

Residential Security

24/7 state-of-the-art multi-zone electric fence systems alert and detect disruptions even during power outages.

Commercial and Industrial High-Security Installations

Our team is uniquely qualified and skilled in designing and implementing custom security solutions based on your site specifications. .

SMS Monitering and Alerts

Send instant alerts to multiple phone numbers to ensure timely action is taken.

Why Micro Electronics International?

Affordable and Accessible Electric Fence Solutions

Today almost all high security sites incorporate electric fencing in their perimeter security. While economics is a major consideration in such projects, Micro Electronics International, strives to offer affordability and accessibility at every step of the process.

Quality Guarantee on All Services

Micro Electronics International takes full responsibility for the quality production and installation of our electric fence solutions. We ensure that all systems are installed at the highest possible standard and in accordance with international safety guidelines.

We Prioritize You - Customer Satisfaction

Our security systems are dependable and provide ultimate perimeter security. Micro Electronics International offers the best, cost effective solution while keeping your happiness in mind as part of our commitment to prioritizing customer satisfaction.

Good Workers.

Quality Guarantee







Our core values

From design and delivery to the execution and installation, we provide responsible solutions.At Micro Electronics International, we strive to become accessible for everyone.Professional integrity is our top priority and motivates us to deliver only the best




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