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Our Services

The right technology makes all the difference.

Improve Efficiency

Automate processes, reduce manual tasks, and receive real-time data insights, resulting in increased productivity and streamlined operations.

Assess Technology Strategies

Use IT solutions to identify areas for improvement, and create a plan for implementing new solutions that align with business goals and objectives.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

Maintain your competitive edge by implementing cutting-edge technologies, continuously evaluating and improving your technology strategies. .

Air Conditioning Solutions We Offer


Our team of certified technicians provides professional installation services for air conditioning systems of all types and sizes.

Customized control

Our air conditioner units come with various control options, including programmable thermostats, zone control, and smart technology, allowing for customized comfort and energy efficiency for each room or zone. .

Proactive maintenance

Our preventative maintenance plans help ensure optimal performance, energy efficiency, and longevity of your air conditioning system.

Why Micro Electronics International?

Affordable and Accessible Solar Solutions

By prioritizing affordability and accessibility, Micro Electronics International aims to help customers enhance the security and convenience of their premises with ease. That’s why we offer the best prices possible.

Quality Guarantee on All Services

Micro Electronic International focuses on designing user-friendly smart lock solutions that are easy to install and require minimal maintenance. We take full responsibility for the quality production and installation of our smart lock solutions. .

We Prioritize You - Customer Satisfaction

We are dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction by providing responsive and effective support. Through our commitment to customer service, Micro Electronics International strives to create a positive experience for our customers.

Good Workers.

Quality Guarantee







Our core values

From design and delivery to the execution and installation, we provide responsible solutions.At Micro Electronics International, we strive to become accessible for everyone.Professional integrity is our top priority and motivates us to deliver only the best




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