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Power Up Your Space, Safely

Power New Projects

Electrical cabling is essential for new construction projects, providing power to lights, appliances, and other electrical systems. .

Your safety matters

Improve the safety, efficiency, and functionality of your electrical system, reducing the risk of electrical hazards and increasing the value of your property.

Make your repairs last longer

Fix faulty wiring, circuits, or outlets, ensuring reliable and uninterrupted power supply, preventing potential safety risks such as electrical fires or shocks.

Electric Cablings Solutions We Offer

High Quality Protection

Our wires and cables are manufactured using pure copper, cable grade PVC and rigorous quality tests. That way we ensure the safety of your loved ones.

A world class range of wiring solutions

Our products combine modern styling with easy to install features such as in-line color coded terminals, and backed out-captive screws.Our products combine modern styling with easy to install features such as in-line color coded terminals, and backed out-captive screws.

Custom-made solutions

We offer customized electric wiring solutions to meet your unique needs, budget, and preferences, ensuring that your electrical system is tailored to your lifestyle.

Why Micro Electronics International?

Affordable and Accessible Solar Solutions

Our electric cabling solutions at Micro Electronics International are designed to be accessible and affordable, offering a cost-effective solution for enhancing the performance of your electric circuitry systems.

Quality Guarantee on All Services

Our wires at Micro Electronics International are tested rigorously for quality, and meet or exceed the highest industry standards, giving you peace of mind and confidence in your electrical system. .

We Prioritize You - Customer Satisfaction

At Micro Electronics International, our motivation for excellence and quality is customer happiness. We prioritize your satisfaction and strive to provide only the best for you and your loved ones.

Good Workers.

Quality Guarantee







Our core values

From design and delivery to the execution and installation, we provide responsible solutions.At Micro Electronics International, we strive to become accessible for everyone.Professional integrity is our top priority and motivates us to deliver only the best




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